‘This is the story of how we begin to remember’ Paul Simon wrote a song called ‘Under African Skies’ years back, and that refrain has been playing in my head these last days. I’ve been re-membering, gathering parts of myself that have been dormant, or forgotten… With more time with myself, sheltering in place alone, …

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The root of the word courage is ‘heart’; it is made of Love, Radical Love..of life, of another, of self, of Earth. I’ve been moved of late by the courage that is being expressed by so many of our diverse human tribe – dedicated Love that’s taking care of those suffering the most. And then there’s …

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Resilience and the Breath – New Practice

Reminders of our fragility and uncertainty abound. The collective and personal crucible we are in together will tumble us to who knows where, and we of Heart and faith are feeling it all. The practice of simply remembering your breath, drawing your attention to its coming and going rhythm, will give your body/mind the safety …

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