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 Private Sessions

A practice designed just for you that honors and integrates all aspects of your health and fits into your lifestyle is empowering, motivating and nourishing. We start where you are, with compassion and respect for your unique capacities and goals and build toward more whole-hearted wellness and balance. I offer my gift of translating the language of the body into practical wisdom for your growth and well-being.

  • Cultivate more ease, stability and strength
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Manage and regulate energy
  • Begin or expand a meditation practice

A personalized practice has built in meaning and depth that you may not get in a class setting.  Private yoga tutoring and coaching sessions can help you make yoga your own, and give you the tools you need to commit to personal practice as a path of empowerment and wholeness.

Single Session  – $125. (80 min)  Series Prices Available


“I just cannot thank you enough for your endless well of true wisdom and insight. Having suffered from a rather serious sacral injury, then traumatized from several other events, you showed up in the nick of time and showed me a whole new way to walk the earth and protect my sacred inner “golden core”. Of all the practitioners I was seeing on Maui for help in the last 8 months, you stand out as the truly wise and positive inspiration that moved me forward consistently every time, without fail. Many mahalos for what is clearly “years ” of diligent “walking your talk”.

  Deva Ann Chappelle, Vedic philosophy educator



Jennifer’s classes focus on a balance of core strength and fluid openness that helps you function with ease, grace and freedom. With clear instruction and the compassionate insight that comes with experience, she guides her students into a deeper connection with the wisdom of their body and the truth of their heart. The intention is that you will leave each class feeling relaxed and balanced with a fresh and open perspective. The classes are deep, yet appropriate for any level of experience. 



The BodyWork is a unique combination of modalities inspired by the traditions of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, and my 30 years of experience. The Energy Balancing sessions are a transformative hands-on therapy that attends to healing and nourishing all levels of being – spirit, mind and body. Benefits of this restorative and transformative work are deep relaxation, stress and pain relief, deepened connection to personal guidance, energy and vitality renewal and support of the body’s natural healing capacity.

…Jennifer’s attention is beyond replenishing and healing one’s aches and pains. I don’t know how she does it, but I have felt a marked ease and lightness anda sense of balance. Jennifer is a gifted healer and … a magical teacher: lighthearted, wise, a great listener…vulnerable yet fearless…..”  ~ Gill Newton



Take time to honor yourself and revitalize your health…body, mind and spirit.  Your personal Yoga and wellness retreat will be customized to your needs and intentions, and is suitable for those beginning a Yoga practice as well as more experienced practitioners. The timeless teachings of Yoga are brought into contemporary focus in a way that will inspire you and uplift your life, as the natural power and beauty of the Maui soothes and inspires you.

Your retreat will include Yoga, Meditation, lifestyle and nutritional coaching and guidance and delicious healthy meals made as much as possible with our locally grown organic food…all shared with the spirit of Aloha.

More on The Art of Personal Practice Retreats coming soon !

Please do reach out if you are dreaming of a personalized retreat on Maui.

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