The Key

In a dream I had recently, I was given a key. Someone handed it to me as an answer to a question. Some of the details have faded, but the gist of it was I needed some help with something and didn’t know how to proceed.  I stood there in a questioning state, wondering what …

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Our Practice

Yoga is a wisdom philosophy realized and understood only through practice. This is one of the profoundly beautiful things about Yoga – it is not only teachings and movements passed down through time, it is brought to life by our direct experience. It is personal and intimate…we breath life into the teachings of Yoga and …

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Healing our Nervous Systems

We live in a world rife with the white noise of constant stimulation and overflowing information; the screens of phones and computers are ever beckoning with their flashing lights and dopamine-inducing bells and whistles.  As well, the past and it’s unresolved pain and traumas leave their mark on us, effecting our nervous system in a …

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