Jennifer Bonadio

Pixabay The word for faith used in Yoga is Sraddha. It refers to our faith in the practice, and a trust in the mystery that moves us and connects us. More than ever in these times of transition, change, and uncertainty, we need to lean into our faith and trust in to motivate us to keep going with our hearts and minds open. The practice of gratitude is a beautiful way to cultivate our faith and stay aligned with the wisdom of Yoga. Gratefulness expands our hearts and helps us to see a bigger picture. Gratitude helps us to see with the eyes of Love and be open to the wonder and grace of Life.

When we choose to live in gratitude, we are more able to say Yes to life and wholeheartedly show up for the moments that we are given. When we befriend the fact that our lives are sacred and temporary, we are better able to remember what matters and to discern where wisdom is directing our attention and choices. Our Yoga practice helps us remember and come back to the harmony of body, mind, and heart again and again. Even when things are uncertain or challenging, it is possible to choose gratefulness to help us see where the wisdom of growth and grace may be.

Making the intention to live a life of gratefulness and trust is a brave choice, a choice that nourishes our soul and keeps our hearts open to Aloha and Light. We have been given the amazing wisdom tradition of Yoga, a gift that illuminates our lives and helps us to live a life of meaning and gratitude. As we go deeper into our practice and the teachings this year let’s remember how very blessed we are to have and share Yoga!