Private Sessions and Mentorship


Private Sessions:

The Art of Personal Practice


In your private session with me, you will have the opportunity to up-level your self-care and quality of experience by learning the technologies of Inner Yoga that tap and build your innate power and creativity. Especially in times of turning point or transition, private sessions can support and guide you in moving forward wholeheartedly and claiming your power  and joy.

Through meaningful, fun, deep and inspiring conversation and instruction, you will gain understanding and learn practices that nourish your body, mind and spirit and help you anchor into your heart as a compass for inspired right action. Working with your unique dreams and challenges, I start where you are, and design an empowering personal practice that suits your lifestyle and needs, and supports your personal transformation and growth. More about my sessions here://


A well-crafted Personal Practice can be nourishing, transformative and help you align with what is best in you. With your practice you will…

  • Build skills for regulating your energy and nervous system
  • Change habits and behaviors that no longer serve you
  • Claim and cultivate your True Power 
  • Learn to lead with your deep Heart Wisdom
  • Access your intuition and whole-body intelligence

 Now is the time !

Private sessions are offered via Zoom online.Single 75 minute session is $125.00  

Packages of 3 Private Sessions: $325.00


Mentorship Programs


The Mentorship Program offers you a unique personal development and learning opportunity dedicated to unlocking your personal power and purpose. I integrate my decades of experience with current science and ancient philosophy to offer insight and guidance that illuminates your path of self-knowledge and expands your vision for your life. My gift is seeing and and working with your gifts in a way that nourishes and inspires your creativity, brilliance and unique service to our world.

I will design a program curriculum that fits your needs, schedule and budget and honors your interests and dreams. We meet one-on-one via Zoom online…it can be for short series of 4 sessions, or we can plan a longer program of 6 to 12 months.

Mentoring Programs and Pricing are structured individually  

For more information and a consultation about the mentoring program, contact me at

I look forward to connecting and exploring the possibilities with you! 


“Jennifer is full of such wisdom, light, clarity, and compassion…. she helped me deepen my personal practice tremendously, which enabled me to strengthen my mind-body connection as well as my connection to my intuition. I am so thankful to call Jennifer my mentor.. Without her guidance, I would not be where I am today”  Laura J. Hanson, Yoga Educator

“Jennifer is an inspirational mentor, instructor and leader! I had a wonderful time learning ways to listen to my heart, drop into my body, tune into my breath and expand my personal practice. She helped me tune in and recognize what I needed physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally. I noticed patterns in my own practice and ways I wasn’t fully growing to my capacity. I really loved the books I read in the course, writing reflections and having beautiful discussions with her. If your looking for transformation, she’s a channel for it ! 🙂 Thank you, Jennifer!    Bonnie Bairley, Yoga Teacher