Spiritual Alchemy Course                

An individual, 4-session Zoom online program. Begin anytime, Flexible scheduling 

Join me for a soulful  journey of expansion, empowerment, and deep inquiry…and renew and inspire your connectivity and creativity. We will work with Body, Mind and Spirit to clarify your power and purpose, hone your intuition, and illuminate your unique gifts. Each session will include knowledge sharing, transmission, discussion, and practices/reflections for you to explore on your own between sessions. I will share a synthesis of practical wisdom from Yoga and other Wisdom traditions and the cutting edge of evolutionary and energy sciences. Topics will include:

  • The power of the Heart and the Unified Field      
  • Your Golden Shadow of untapped potential                                    
  • Dreamwork, and Somatic practices 
  • The Power of Practice: The path from insight to transformation
  • Practices to build your capacity for presence, resilience, and energy management 
  • Working with your energy and the elements to refine your intuition and support your flow, synchronicity, and creativity

We will meet weekly or so for 60-75 minutes. Sessions will be scheduled flexibly according to your availability and our relative time zones.

The cost is $188.00 for the individual program(Venmo or PayPal accepted). Continuing Education Credits (22) will apply for YogaAlliance members. 

To register for this program, or for more information about it, email me at jenniferbonadio1@gmail.com

” Jennifer’s Spiritual Alchemy course is everything I hoped it would be and more…so profound and therapeutic. Months after, I am still deeply changed by her words and practices, and reflect upon the notes from the class almost daily. I have spent my whole life studying spirituality, yoga and meditation, yet I have never met anyone who synthesizes information like Jennifer…she has a way of making complex concepts simple and accessible. I recommend her classes without reservation, she has so much insight to share and anyone can benefit from her services…”    Melissa Guilkey, Elementary School Teacher and Yoga Instructor

“Jennifer offers a breadth of knowledge and is able to share the teachings with compassion and authentic connection. We took a deep dive into wisdom teachings that are still singing in my heart. I greatly appreciate our time together and the masterful, interwoven teachings. I loved the tailored approach to the course. It has been thought-provoking, awakened creativity within, and has set a foundation for further inquiry and growth. Thank you, thank you!”   Kristen Taylor, RYT,  Founder of Wellspring Meditation Center 

“I have taken Jennifer’s courses, Breath Essentials and Spiritual Alchemy. Her balanced perspective, which incorporates physiology and spiritual teachings, helps ground my practice and lends itself to practical application in my everyday life. The tools and wisdom that she offers build on themselves over time. Through practice I have been able to unify my mind and body in a way that gives rise to Spirit in my day-to-day life, not just on my Yoga mat or while sitting in meditation.”    Victoria Clemens, Social Worker


Somatic Meditation Course

A one-on-one 4 session course, Zoom online. Begin anytime, Flexible scheduling ‘


Somatic means ‘of the body’. Most often the mental approach is what we associate with meditation – a grappling with thoughts and the noise of the mind. The embodied meditation approach that you will learn in this course opens up a whole new experience of immediacy and intimacy with the body that naturally quiets and calms the thinking mind.  These practices can soothe and heal the nervous system, connect you to a deep sense of grounded presence, and cultivate a ‘felt sense’ of vitality and connection. 

In this 4 session course, you learn about the effect somatic meditation has on the brain and nervous system, and explore many different somatic practices and guided meditations. Join me for a fresh and nourishing deep dive into meditation practice. In this course, you will  learn to :

  • Enhance your perception and support the integration of your intuitive body wisdom and heart intelligence. 
  • Soothe and reset your nervous system for more resilience and calm. 
  • Facilitate a deep release of tension and stress 
  • Tune in deeply to your ‘inner compass’

We will meet weekly for one hour or so each session, and the practices will be taped so you can enjoy and work with material between sessions. Scheduling is flexible according to your availability. 

The cost is $188.00 for the course (Venmo or PayPal accepted). Continuing Education Credits (22) available.

To register or for more information, email me at jenniferbonadio1@gmail.com

“Jennifer is wonderful, so knowledgeable, personable and inspiring. This course was so worth it…it was so life changing for me and brought so much joy to my life. The practices have helped me open up my creativity, calm, connectedness and trust. I look forward to taking another course of hers in the future!     Monica Hendricks, Student, Yoga teacher and Therapist.


The Dreaming Body

A one-on-one, Zoom online, 3 sessions course. Begin Anytime!

In this course, we do a deep dive into the language of the body and soul… through dreams, the sensory and subjective experience of body symptoms, and practices that help you tune into your profound somatic intelligence. In our sessions, we will explore the ‘Feminine’ spirituality of the body and dreams through guided meditation, personal inquiry, and breath work, and meaningful dialogue and transmission. Weaving your deeper sense-ability into your life can begin to change the relationship to yourself, to others, and to the world, enlivening an awareness that enriches life.

In this course you will: 

  • Learn to support a deeper connection and intimacy your own creative power, wholeness and magic.
  • Learn to tune in deeply to the sense-ability of your intuition and the natural wisdom and guidance of your body. 
  • Learn to maintain natural boundaries as you hone your sensitivity 
  • Integrate and ground the messages of your dreaming body into your life and your work  

The course consists of 3 Zoom sessions with me personally, each about 1 hour. (taped so you can enjoy the material and practices in between classes). Sessions are scheduled according to your availability and can begin anytime. 

The cost is $158.00 (Venmo or PayPal accepted). Continuing Education Credits available. 

To register or for more info, email me at Jenniferbonadio1@gmail.com


Breath Power Essentials

A one-on-one Zoom online, 2 session course. Begin Anytime!

Conscious Breath can be a powerful tool to help you manage your energy, relieve stress and anxiety, improve digestion and sleep, and so much more.  With the breath, we can tap into an ease and equanimity that positively impacts every system of the body and arena of our life. In this course, you will learn:

  • Essential keys to  understanding nervous system regulation
  • Everyday skills that you can use for energy management, clarity, and balancing emotions.
  • Mini-practices that you can use anytime relieve stress and ‘return to center’

Practices to expand your breath capacity and bring more vitality to your diaphragm and belly. We will meet on Zoom sessions with me personally, each about 1 hour, taped so you can review the practices. The course is tailored for your particular needs, and can be scheduled flexibly according your availability. 

The cost is $108.00, Venmo or PayPal accepted. To register or get more information about the course, email me at jenniferbonadio1@gmail.com. 


Nervous System Reset 

A one-on-one, Zoom online, 1 session course. Begin anytime, flexible scheduling.

Your nervous system is your most basic interface with all experience. To reset after (or during!) stressful times, your nervous system needs nourished and restored. In this course, you will learn how to befriend and care for your nervous system with practical knowledge, tools and practices. You will learn some fascinating neuroscience to illuminate how our nervous system works, as well as simple somatic meditation and breath work to help soothe, support and regulate your nervous system to experience more resilience, calm and presence. You will learn:

  • Essential practices to nourish and balance your nervous system
  • How your nervous system works, and how to befriend and care for it for a healthier balance and presence 

Your personal Zoom session with me will be taped, and will be about 1.5 hours. Scheduling is flexible according to your availability.

The cost is $88.00 (Venmo or PayPal accepted). Continuing Education Credits available. 

For more info and to register, email me at jennferbonadio1@gmail.com

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