Energy Intelligence

Reclaiming Natural Wisdom - A Practice Handbook

Explore your multidimensional being and deepen your connection to your wisdom body with this new handbook of perspectives, instructions and experiential practices. The simple yet powerful information and practices I share can open the door to new insights and help you tune into your natural boundaries and access the grounded wisdom of your embodied presence. There are 12 practices with links to my guided audios for each one are included!

Things That You will Learn From This Ebook

  • The Pause Practice
  • Breath Awareness
  • Body-Awareness Scan
  • Felt-Sense Practice
  • Coherence Practice
  • ‘I am here’ Practice
  • Gathering your Natural Boundaries Practice
  • Welcoming Practice
  • Energy Discernment Practice
  • Earth Sense Practice
  • Embodied 3 Centered Breath Practice
  • Natural Meditation