Jennifer Bonadio

About Me

As a young woman, I longed for a mentor and ally who would help me navigate my path… I like to say that I became what I needed, and in the process have gathered from lots of experience, and wisdom and knowledge from many teachers and traditions. My practice and teaching have evolved and expanded, as I have, to respond to the what’s real and relevant in our world. My eclectic spiritual path has led me beyond Yoga to an inclusive synthesis of many wisdom practices with the current  sciences of energy and transformation. It’s an amazing time to be alive, and I have faith in our human potential to meet the challenges that are before us, both personally and collectively. I love inspiring and empowering my students and clients to fulfill their potential, finding their own true north and shining their own unique light to meet those challenges in this wild and beautiful life.

I have been teaching Meditation, Yoga and the Art of Personal Practice for over 34 years to students from all over the world, mentoring and training teachers, and counseling and working one-on-one with students. My decades of work in the healing arts as a body worker and health educator, as well as decades of practice and study, informs my work as a mentor and teacher. As an elder on the path, my goal with my students and clients is to help them understand and trust their power and support them in cultivating their own innate brilliance and potential that they many share it in turn.

"Everything I know, I know because I love..."  Leo Tolstoy