Jennifer Bonadio

Alchemy refers to a process of transformation – taking the ordinary substance of everyday life and turning it into the ‘gold’ of truth, beauty, and wholeness. This word wonderfully describes what the process of personal growth can be – the weaving and refining of all our experience into wisdom and understanding. Alchemy is using the real and raw material of our emotions, conditioning, human vulnerabilities, and longings to mold the art and magic of YOU. Your offering, your gifts…the transformation of your energy into the golden truth that you are, which is your gift to the world.

Alchemy is a process of living life from the inside-out, cultivating our self-knowledge and self-responsibility, and consciously living life as a spiritual path. Alchemy is a beautiful word for what we do when we meditate, forgive, pray, or even cry our way into clarity. It is the conscious choice to see a bigger picture, to look inward, to Love. It is the way of the Heart.

The way of the Heart..that sounds good, but what, really, is that? It isn’t the path of feeling versus reason, but the way of our integrated intelligence. By that, I mean our body, brain, and heart intelligence working in harmony and coherence.  The slings and arrows of modern life –  the traumas and stresses that are a part of our experience – often take us away from that harmony of intelligence into survival mode. When our nervous system is triggered into ‘survival’ by some perceived threat (however illusory), the fullness of our higher intelligence goes offline in favor of the need to protect ourselves. The good news is that we can make the choice and intention to re-train and heal our nervous system to bounce back resiliently after triggers so we are using our full capacity more often. It takes practice…but it is worth it.

The essential work with our nervous system is the beginning of our commitment to alchemy and conscious evolution that is our gift to ourselves and the world. The practices on this site or a great example of ways you can soothe and balance your nervous system. Please do contact me for support in that process – the sessions and classes I do are all in service to you.