Jennifer Bonadio

It feels like the world is getting smaller. As we shelter in place in our cocoons around the globe, we are tuning into the web of our interconnectedness more than ever. As we go through this together, our hearts are expanding out to meet it all.

When there is a crisis, and the future is unclear, it is natural to encounter all that comes up when we feel out of control. In a crisis of this type and scale, we can go one of two ways – we can use it as a pattern- interrupt and an opportunity to go deeper into our practices of compassion, creativity, and self-understanding or we can go into fear and allow other people to think for us. We get to choose where we put our life force and attention.

Practices like breathwork, meditation, and other body/mind modalities help so much in settling our nervous system and managing our energy so we can stay calm and in touch with our Heart wisdom. The practice of imagination hygiene is important too…choosing smart soul nourishment over junk food for your mind and body. There is so much great, supportive, uplifting and educational stuff available online right now!

We are in a cocoon, and to make sure what emerges is a better version of US, let’s do all it takes to stay connected, strong and in our HEART. Here’s a short breath practice to help calm your nervous system and nourish your system.

Please enjoy other guided free meditations and practices on my blogs on my site. I’ll keep the cocoon practices coming! Thank you !