Jennifer Bonadio

It seems all good things come from connection – to each other, to ourself, to nature, to spirit. You might first think connection is what happens between us and another but it also happens within us. Connecting is a capacity of our nervous system, one we need to survive, and also one we can build to help us thrive. The word Yoga actually means to connect, to bring together. I refer not only to the movement arts one usually associates with Yoga, but to the practical wisdom philosophy that says through practice, we can cultivate our capacity to connect, inside and out, and realize our potentials by doing so.

The ‘practice’ that I’m referring to can be anything that brings us into a state of coherence, meaning the harmony between mind and body that facilitates presence. It could be breathwork, movement, meditation, being in nature, cuddling your beloved, hugging your pet, deep listening or music or art – anything that brings you into the moment, body and mind together. Anytime we do such a practice, our nervous system changes and regulates and in that moment we are ‘connected’. The more we do our favorite body/mind practices, the more our nervous system recalibrates, the more we are able to connect – we build what is called a state competency. Because of our neuroplasticity, our brain changes, and we learn and heal – in fact we are made to do just that.

Another word for connection is Love – yes, love between you and another, but also love that arises with you and all that is, with the Earth, with the Divine, with your very Self. Love that inspires and guides and creates. Love that heals and refines and innovates. Love that sings the praises of this beautiful catastrophe called Life. It is why we are here and what we are made of.  Let’s practice together… and get really good at connecting 🙂