Jennifer Bonadio

Most of our day-to-day lives are spent oriented toward the turning wheels of life and all the steps that it takes to keep those wheels greased.  And yet, here we are in the stopping, the necessary inward and downward turn of our activity and attention to what is essential. At the surface level in a sea of adversity and challenge is the stir and storm of fear and anxiety…naturally. But we can also take the time to drop down below that surface agitation as a part of our commitment to take care of ourselves and others. It is there below where our nervous system can be soothed, and the deep nourishment of silence and truth can be received.

And yet…we can’t think ourselves into feeling safe enough to be still and tune in deeply to our being, we need to trigger our bodies into feeling safe. One way to do this is to use practices that can take us below the analytical mind, such as conscious breath or meditation.  Once we shift our nervous system into a calmer state, it is easier to hear the ‘still small voice’ of our knowing heart and truth-telling body, and rest in the arms of quiet. The silence of self- intimacy, the place of our deepest belonging and the wellspring of our truest guidance are inside, right below the surface. Now is the time to dive…and listen.

May the meditation support you in your deepening self-care (you can hear the rain and the birds outside my window :).  I’ll be posting some breath practices real soon!