Jennifer Bonadio

Much has been said about the Rise of the Feminine and the balancing of culture through the empowerment of the Feminine principle. The truth of that need for balance, and the symptoms of imbalance, can be found all around us …in nature, in society, in our own bodies.  In our society we glorify productivity, busyness and consumption and often disdain the spiraling, cyclic process of our own unfolding growth and healing. We, personally and collectively, are sorely in need of the Yin balance that honors the rhythms of our nature, the ebb and flow of our energies and the cycles of light and shadow in our experiences.

Honoring the Feminine principle in our own being means embracing all aspects of ourselves and our process and loving whatever arises as an expression or guide to our wholeness. The Yin principle accepts the cycles of life and makes room for the vulnerable and challenging aspects of self and other that may not have been planned for. The Feminine knows that the descent is just as important as the ascent….we must empty to be able to fill. From the perspective of the Deep Feminine, all has value, everything has a place… we learn and gain wisdom from each experience.

To honor the cycles of balance of Yin and Yang is to listen to our bodies needs, especially the needs for rest, for silence and integration that are so often set aside. When we ignore those needs, they don’t go away, we become sick or anxious or depressed, often without knowing why. It is  our precious body trying to get out attention,  wanting to have its needs met. To honor the feminine means to honor the wisdom of our body, to listen to and trust what our body and heart asks for. When we practice cultivating that listening and follow the natural guidance of our bodysoul….we embody the balance and flow that is the ground of wellbeing and creativity…and right action arises naturally without the strife of pushing. To thrive we need nurturance….and the wisdom of the Feminine.