Jennifer Bonadio

Their name may sound like an oxymoron, but the folks at Heart Math Institute have done some serious scientifically based research that illustrates the power of our Hearts. One of the things they have discovered is the importance of coherence. All the systems of the body follow the ‘lead’ of the heart. When the heart is stressed, anxious, or contracted by negative emotion, our chemistry and biology reflect that. The opposite is also true, when the heart is harmonized and the heart rate is shifted to more equilibium, the rest of the body systems follow suit. That equilibrium and harmony is referred to as coherence.

What the Heart Math work has proved that we have, and can develop, some control over our Heart coherence. With our conscious intention and simple practices we can return to coherence and ease in the body/mind system. The benefit to our health, relationships and quality of life are profound and far reaching. The practice below is a simple example of a heart coherence exercise (don’t be fooled by the simplicity – it works!)

Take a few minutes (not when you are driving) and close your eyes if you can. Begin by bringing your attention to your heart and breathing in and out of your heart area. Slow down your breath if  you can. Bring to mind a positive image and feeling of someone you love, maybe a place or a pet, something the evokes a feeling of Love, appreciation or joy. Breath that feeling in and out of your heart, and really feel it as deeply as you can. Let the image fall away, and maintain the feeling if you can. Feel it radiate through your body for a few moments.

Yes, that’s it. It does work – if you do it. It literally shifts your chemistry. Try it, do it as much as you can and notice if it shifts anything in your experience.