Jennifer Bonadio

I’ve been reflecting on ‘Self-Love’ – what that really means, and the ‘how to’ in daily practice. There are so many conflicting messages about what self-care should look like…and lots of experts ;). We, our bodies, are a process rather than a ‘thing’, dynamic and particular in needs (if you are really paying attention) and there’s more…we have several layers and dimensions of our experience, nestled together into the all of our wholeness. It’s a lot 😉

Of course, we try to parse out all these levels of our experience (Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, to name a few) to fashion our self-caring, but they are all woven together, designed to work together in harmony. Which brings me back to Self-Love – getting to harmony starts with self-honesty and kindness. It starts with the regular practice of tuning in, being willing to do what it takes to bring your body, mind, and heart into harmony within, and with the world around you (whatever that may look like). Harmony defines Health, and requires intimacy with yourself… and is what the practice of sustainable self-loving self-care is all about.

Loving yourself true starts with being real with what you really need, and what you long for. We are human, we can be a mass of contradictions, but if we are at war inside, or ignoring our needs, then it follows that what we are sharing with our world isn’t authentic or helpful, and that’s painful. So we start with the willingness to look at and to love our very own self. And listen…with love and intent, tuning in deeply to our own gut and heart, rather than defaulting to a the ‘rationalizing’ conditioned mind.

With practice, we can get better at it, get into the art of it and cultivate this inner intimacy. This at the heart of my work with you, sharing the skills of tuning in, stabilizing, and refining intuition and balance. Developing and expanding  your capacities to hold the space of Harmony, and to “Bear the beams of Love”  (so beautifully said by the poet William Blake). These practices of presence and well-ness are skills, and can be learned. Our nervous system can be nourished, and we can transform…into more of our essential shining, that spills over into every area of our life.  It’s brave to love yourself into your authenticity…day after day. It takes courage to be present and start where you are! Blessedly, practice can boost our courage and faith to support our need to ever-renew our commitment to a personal body/mind, meditation and breath practice in service to balance, presence and freedom. Dropping into ‘true’, the Heart of you , and shining from there is the way you love yourself, others, and the Divine, it can only be so. Love is Love, its all the same LOVE. The greatest gift we can who we are.

Please do reach out, email me (Connect link) if you want to dialogue more about personal practice and do a private session with me. Learn essential skills of harmony and balance in the new online CE Courses – The Inner Yoga, Somatic Meditation, and more. I look forward to sharing with you!

*Note about the art in the featured image – I couldn’t make out or find the artist’s name, but I honor them and their talent and generosity. Lightness of Heart lovely!