Jennifer Bonadio

“Our duty as people is to proceed as if limits to our abilities do not exist. We are collaborators in Creation”.

~ Pierre de Chardin


What do you think of when you think of ‘Mastery’ – a virtuoso musician or an Olympic athlete? Of course, the refinement of skill can define the word, but I am referring to self-mastery not as a goal, but as a journey – the progressive refinement of our potential as a human being. It’s not reserved for the special few, it is the process of practicing with perseverance and commitment. The power of practice arises from that dedication and sincerity.

We are amazing creatures..and life takes on a depth of meaning when we begin to see it as our art. Self-mastery is not about reaching some ideal of perfection or getting it all figured out, but how we meet our life each day.  When we use all of our gifts and capacities with the intention of presence and Love, right action naturally flows.

Mastery is how we meet the Mystery. The Mystery of this life – the awesome and ordinary miracle of it, with all it’s uncertainty and opportunity. The mystery of life calls us to our mastery…to be all we can be. And it for us to say Yes each day with our intention and attention (and some days it is easier than others!). Practice is Love, Practice is Art. Just as mastering a skill or an instrument takes perseverance and discipline, so does the mastery of these instruments of our body, mind and consciousness. I love sharing Yoga and meditation at this level of creativity –   as tools that clarify our intention, hone our attention and refine the gem of our being. And when we bring the heart of devotion to our practice, we can realize and share our true potentials.

Mastery is how we meet the Mystery; how we ‘dial in’ our energy each day, the energy we radiate and share, the quality of presence and attention we bring to each moment. This is how we can love ourselves and our world…