Jennifer Bonadio

Pixabay There is so much energy moving through and around us, so much input and STUFF…for me, meditation is a necessary pause that helps me digest and integrate my experience, helps things settle and ‘find their place’. There are so many benefits of meditation practice; research tells us it makes us smarter, more compassionate…better versions of ourselves. Well, how great is that ! I love that it helps me to develop my capacity to simply ‘be’, just as I am, in this moment, just as it is. ¬†Meditation helps me to feel closer to myself and listen more deeply to the whispers of my heart and mind that seem to lie waiting for me to notice them. Meditation is an affectionate attention to the tender truths and the quiet longings…a coming home to the true refuge of my own silence. What a simple, profound way to Love myself…sitting, breathing, listening, feeling. I invite you to fall in love with your meditation practice….if you need some guidance with techniques and¬†practices that suit you, contact me for more information on how I can help with that !