Jennifer Bonadio

Meditation can be defined in different ways, and practiced and experienced with so many techniques. The word meditation comes from the same root as ‘medicine’… what we seek out to get well. This meaning of the word points to the deep physiological benefits of ‘sitting’ and turning inward. Science has done a great job of measuring these benefits, and there are many – besides shifting our nervous system out of stress mode, the simple act of sitting, noticing the breath, and allowing yourself to just ‘be’ is deeply healing. It gives us a chance to integrate the incredible amount of input we take in, allowing things to settle and find their place… A bit like digesting a big meal.

Just sitting and allowing, steeping in awareness, helps us to know our selves better, and in turn, act with more clarity and compassion. It’s a myth to think we are going to stop the mind. This type of meditation is more about building a relationship with the content of your mind so you can act with more conscious choice (aka, freedom ).

Meditation also means ‘to become familiar with’. This approach is used when there is a desire for a shift, a change you want to make in some direction, in behavior or experience. It’s the science of ‘being the change’ (I say science because it can be measured). It brings together the clear intent of your mind with an elevated feeling that invokes the essence of the experience you want for yourself. For example, if you want more Love in your life, your meditation would have that clear intent and invocation of the experience of Love in your body/mind. The principle is this – thinking and wanting to see a change is not enough, it’s important to feel it in your body, in your heart, become it. If you can feel it – peace, gratitude, abundance, love, joy – you can be it. If you want it, you are it, and it’s possible for you. Feeling is the language of energy, radiated from our heart. The combination of elevated feeling and clear intent is creative and powerful… Magic indeed.

All the many types of practice of meditation are technologies that nourish our inner life, soothe our systems, and cultivate our intelligence. Every meditation is an act of self-love. If you are interested finding out what meditation styles might be a good fit for you, I’d love to support you in finding what works for you. Message me to learn more.

Below is a short guided meditation to give you a sample of both the medicine and magic qualities of meditation.