Jennifer Bonadio

Accepting the invitation of this cocoon time, I’ve been going deeper into the practices that stabilize and hold me – conscious breath and meditation, mindful movement, and prayer. I’m so grateful I can do that, and offer that space of care to others. I think of that space inside as Naturalness, grounded in my body and heart, connected with nature and to that which sustains and endures. In that space, there is room for all and everything that arises, the rhythms and cycles, shadow and light. In that space, there is tenderness and patience… and a trust that is deeper than words.

The practices help me ‘remember’ that space, as does lying on the ground or surrendering into the full embrace of the ocean. It helps me tune into the felt sense of body that is deeper than the tides of emotion or the persistent narration of the mind. That place of remembering is a sane and silent wisdom, and it is in all of us …if we remember to turn toward it. It is at home on the Earth, in our heart, in our body. It is our true north, and gives rise to receptivity and openness that our well of right action and harmony.

May you find refuge in the place of remembering and naturalness. I hope the short guided breath meditation below is soothing and helpful for you.