Jennifer Bonadio

We all have the need to ‘cultivate space’, to weave into our lives practices of pausing. Whether for a few moments of sitting and taking a breath, or longer moments of a meditation or time in nature, for example, we all need time to digest our experience. We are continually bombarded with so much information, impressions, encourages to consume all the time. A practice of moments for yourself allows us to drop in and let it all find its place.

Here are a few sample guided meditation and  relaxation audios that may help. These short practices will help you reconnect with your breath and body to help soothe and relax you. 

I hope you enjoy them 🙂  Contact me about a Customized Meditation Audio designed for your practice.


Enjoy a 3 min practice of dropping into your body, checking in and taking a deep breath.

Pause practice 3 min


Here is a short & sweet 6 minute practice to help you return your felt sense and feel more present.



This Guided Meditation will help you harmonize your mind and body and feel more connected and supported



This short practice is a simple and easy way to come home to your breath and settle down into a place of ease.


    Take a few minutes for a short (5.5 minute) appreciation practice – Every day there is so much to be grateful for. When you take the time to notice your blessings, you build positive energy and support your health.