Come home to yourself and re-set with my Guided Relaxation, Meditation and Yoga Dreaming meditations. These short practices will help you reconnect with your breath and body and soothe and comfort you.

It’s amazing – just taking a few minutes to step out of your busy world can help you release tension and leave you feeling more at ease. These practices help switch ‘off’ the stress response and shift the systems of the body – which can only benefit your health and state of mind. I hope you enjoy.

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    Here is a short & sweet 5 1/2 minute practice to help balance breath & emotions – and switch on the relaxation response in your body.


    This short 6 minute practice will guide you to the Cave of your Heart and your own inner wisdom. Take a few minutes to relax, unwind and find your own inner refuge.


    This Guided Meditation is a 2 minute mini-break to harmonize your mind and emotions, and help return your body to a coherent state. Try this practice when you feel down or anxious.


    This short 6 minute practice is a perfect way to return to balance and a feeling of wellbeing when you are stressed or ‘amped’. Relaxation and heart balancing exercises such as this help support your immune system and build resilience. Enjoy..


    This 5 minute guided practice is inspired by the practice of Yoga Nidra. Take a short break, and be guided into a refreshing and restorative state of relaxation.


    Take a few minutes for a short (5.5 minute) appreciation practice – Every day there is so much to be grateful for. When you take the time to notice your blessings, you build positive energy and support your health.