Jennifer Bonadio

Cedric Lim

Yoga is a wisdom philosophy realized and understood only through practice. This is one of the profoundly beautiful things about Yoga – it is not only teachings and movements passed down through time, it is brought to life by our direct experience. It is personal and intimate…we breath life into the teachings of Yoga and make it our own with our Practice.

There are so many reasons to devote our selves to the practice of Yoga – the resilience that develops over time, the quality of ease and balance in body and mind that comes more and more naturally. We never know what life will bring, or the growth and challenge that we will be called to. But when we practice, we know we are nourishing our strength so we can accept and meet each moment as best we can.

Our body/mind works this way – we are always practicing something. Whatever we do habitually changes the brain and body, and is more likely to happen. Intentional practice takes us in the direction that we choose – toward health or happiness, or whatever experience we want more of. I love the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, it has inspired me and helped me understand the science of transformation, and in turn, how our Yoga practice works. Here’s a link to check him out – Great stuff.

Over many decades, my practice has changed and evolved right along with me. In times of expansion and progress, moments of sadness and loss, passages of forgetting and shadow, Yoga has helped me return to my center of gravity. Turning with practice to the sovereign sanctuary within over the years has cultivated a deep steadiness that I give thanks for every day.

More than ever, we need our practice to cultivate a rooted, grounded presence so we can stay open, fluid and ‘fit’… Fit to meet whatever comes next. The more stable we feel, the safer we feel to be open in our heart and mind. Practice develops stability that we can lean into in as we evolve and grow.

May we be devoted to what nourishes us and brings out the best in us… We are so blessed to have the wisdom teachings of Yoga to illuminate our lives!