Jennifer Bonadio

Here we are, suspended in the pause, the in-between, while the world around us continues to do its job…Which is to change, and ask us to…

Yet, in riding the waves of vulnerability and uncertainty, I turn again and again to what is unchanging. It’s what resilience means to me…as many times as I go away from center, I can come back – to my heart, to the Earth, to beauty, to the interconnectedness of all things.

No matter what is going on, we can come back. Brought to our knees, we can touch the Earth, to remember what supports us. Missing our beloveds, we can return to our tender hearts, and remember how much we need and treasure each other. Community immunity and sustainability is built on that which is essential, and we are being invited back to that.

Turning to my body and the felt-sense-trust of heart/gut intelligence grounds me in the elements, in nature, in now. Done this way, meditation is as natural and intimate as breathing. The short guided meditation that follows is one that I’m using often now. I hope it is sweetly nurturing for you.

The last few blog posts on my site also have short guided meditations and breath practices for you.

May you be nourished from the inside out by the respite of calm that the simple body/mind practices of breath and meditation can offer.

A favorite quote from this week:  “May my heart break all the way open so the whole world can fall in”.  Mother Teresa