Jennifer Bonadio

This month, it’s as if a veil has fallen from my eyes; colors are sharper, the light is brighter. Maybe each time the wheel of the year turns to Spring some version of this happens, yet every Spring feels like the first. Beauty all around me insists on my attention, and my response is something like longing, or awe, a little grateful giggle in my chest. A renaissance of wonder.

Spring makes me want things. Maybe that’s what they mean by Spring Fever. The questions that hang in the air… What is moving me? What is inspiring me? What wants to be new and fresh? It puts me in mind of the meaning of the word ‘alignment’. A good word, yes, one I’m using often lately. As fresh inspiration and desire arises, it feels like it’s time to hit refresh on both my inner and outer alignment.

My understanding is the Heart is the ‘aligner’, or the reconciler, in the integrated intelligence bundle that we are. The mental level of intelligence compares, discerns, names, intends. The ‘gut’, the instinctual center, hungers, desires, wants, and senses the energy around us. The energy of the heart is the third force that puts all that impulse, instinct and judgement in the context of our values, and lines it all up with our ‘true north’, from where it arises as a ‘knowing’. Which is why we need all aspects of our intelligence online to be in integrity, to be truly aligned in our thinking, feeling and sensing, knowing selves.

The presence required to be truly connected and honest with our selves takes practice. Meditation, and the ongoing practice of connecting to the the earth from the feet up, are helping me stay tuned in and present with all the energies moving right now. Coming home to the stillness and listening… I can hear Spring calling me forward. To create, to blossom, to be, to become. Remember to hold the new that is arising in your Deep Heart, that it may align with your highest and best good. Let’s follow the intuition of our full body YES to the life and growth that this beautiful season holds for us.

What’s blooming in your life right now?