Jennifer Bonadio

Sustainability is a word we hear often in these days of waking up to the real needs of our planet and our communities. The heart of sustainability is in our own relationship and care of our body, mind and spirit….unless we are connected to our self and our own true needs, we cannot be sensitive to those of the world around us. True sustainability starts with sensitivity and intimacy…the willingness to look and listen without our own preconceived notions. Sustainable self-care starts with deep listening to our body and heart…listening deeper than we think. Therein is the information we need to thrive, to grow and to be whole.

It takes practice to develop that kind of listening. The practice of quieting our mind and developing the inner stillness to hear the voice of our heart and feel the guiding feelings of our body can be cultivated with mind/body practices such as Yoga and meditation. For some, time in nature, journal writing, prayer, or deep dialogue with a beloved friend can facilitate deep listening. Whatever the practice of coming home to ourself we choose, it is that connection to our own heart and spirit that is the foundation of sustainability.

The word ‘sustain’ means to encourage, to support, to nurture, to hold up. To do that for ourselves means we attend not only to our body, but our creativity and our relationships as well as our home. Cultivating and feeding your soul by doing the things that make your heart sing and getting enough rest are important parts of ‘sustaining’ your vitality and well-being. Developing your gifts and your strengths fills your cup so that it overflows to your world. When we take the time to listen and care for ourself, we can give our best….and give our Love unconditionally. And it is our Love that our world needs…

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination, nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, Love, Love…that is the soul of genius”   Mozart