Jennifer Bonadio

For many of us these days, discerning the ‘truth’ among many divisive and contradictory things can be difficult. And how can I know how to recognize my own truth, the voice of my heart and intuition amid the noise of fears or conditioned opinions and habits of mind. Tenderness may be described as the Love that feels present and real, that comes close. It can be heard in tone, seen in the eyes, felt in the heart… it welcomes rather than divides. It is inclusive rather than judgmental. When the tenderness of truth is not present, our hearts are naturally guarded,  When we ‘feel’ something as true, or come close to ourself, the tenderness that is felt in our heart is the indicator, like a litmus test. Tenderness is the messenger and the container of Truth.

Perhaps you remember a conversation with someone close, and felt the moment that they were sharing deeply and honestly. Tenderness was present, and you could feel it. This is true for the relationship to ourself, too. Tenderness is the sonar by which we sense our inner being. Which is why it is so important to connect to that intimacy with our own being with meditation, contemplation, moments of quiet, in nature…whatever way works for you, and helps you remember the tenderness of your own truth, your own love. The tenderness that arises in the heart toward ourself naturally extends to our view of others, to our actions and words. This is the ground of compassion and love in action…the very foundation of wisdom.

This tenderness and felt sense of our inner body is natural, it’s just about tuning into it, and developing the skill of maintaining that steady access. Staying connected is a practice. Making the intention to stay ‘tuned in’ to the felt sense of our being, and cultivating that connection through practice can have a deep and positive effect on every area of our life. Rooting and anchoring in the felt-sense of your own tenderness and truth supports harmony of body, mind and heart, which is so important for our health and the quality of our experience.

‘There is nothing as strong as tenderness. There is nothing as tender as true strength’

The meditation below is a short (10min) guided practice that supports body/mind coherence and tuning into your felt-sense. I hope you enjoy it 🙂