Jennifer Bonadio

Beloved Students and Clients have shared....

"Jennifer is an amazing teacher both inside and outside of the yoga studio. Until she came into my life, I didn't know that what I was searching for and that what I needed was a mentor and teacher. She became exactly those things for me. I witnessed and benefited from her patience, knowledge, kindness, intelligence, sense of humor, and her heart in the two months that I spent on Maui. I am forever grateful for the ways that my eyes and heart have been opened. Thank you."
Christy Thompson - MSW
Yoga Teacher​
"I just cannot thank you enough for your endless well of true wisdom and insight. Having suffered from a rather serious sacral injury, then traumatized from several other events, you showed up in the nick of time and showed me a whole new way to walk the earth and protect my sacred inner "golden core". Of all the practitioners I was seeing on Maui for help in the last 8 months, you stand out as the truly wise and positive inspiration that moved me forward consistently every time, without fail. Many mahalos for what is clearly "years " of diligent "walking your talk"
Deva Ann Chappelle
Vedic educator and Tantra practitioner
"...Jennifer works on the deepest levels of personal transformation, spiritual embrace and physical balance... she encourages, comforts, challenges and holds me as she works with my body and soul - she is one of those people you have been waiting for. I know that in her presence I am being blessed by an angel. In fact, by many. I highly recommend her as spiritual and physical ally.
Kristen Hettermann
President and Founder of Grace Communications
"Jennifer's inspirational teaching style helps me to connect deeply with myself...her compassion, humor and insight invite me to honor my own wisdom and truth...
Yolanda Trent
"I count my experience with Jennifer Bonadio as a yoga teacher and healer as a gift. In her yoga practice as in her life, she maintains a high level of conscious interaction. Jennifer's ability to tune in to her students and guide them to a better place is always consistent. She has a great respect for each individual's current state as well as their goals and in her gentle, sensitive and beautiful way ensures a rewarding experience. Time spent in Jennifer's presence is genuinely rewarding."
Sue Dancil, LMT
"With soulful and heartful insight, Jennifer welcomes all that you are in a way that helps you remember what matters most. Her inspiring presence ushers you gently into the real and true heart of the moment. Her wisdom and knowledge of the body/mind has helped me move in my world in a way that is fresh and vital. Her work has changed my life..."
Patricia Ledinau
"I have been fortunate enough to experience Jennifer's work over the last year. Her attention is beyond replenishing and healing one's aches and pains. I don't know how she does it, but I have felt a marked ease and lightness, a sense of balance along with physical restoration. Jennifer is a gifted healer and ... a magical teacher: fun, sassy, lighthearted, wise, a great listener...vulnerable yet fearless...
Gill Newton
"WOW...completely life changing - I feel like someone who has traveled to a new country and got to experience its depth and beauty. I'll never be able to voice the depths of my gratitude...
S. Istre
"All that is beautiful inside me has been magnified by 1000 because of this training. All of my practices have gone deeper....I have truly seen my role in my own transformation - Priceless!. You took us on a beautiful journey - an elevator to the evolution of the soul"
K. Brown
Teacher and Mom
" I have come home to myself!...most of all I was enthralled with the scientific and philosophical underpinnings of the entire course. By far, this has been one of the most balanced trainings I have had in any discipline"
Elaine Blasi
Montesorri Educator and Mentor
"I have discovered so much more about Yoga than I could have ever imagined - through this training I have learned how to connect mind, body and spirit and feel complete and connected. I had no idea of the level of depth it would take me to....This training has brought me a deep and true meaning of life, humanity and the importance of self-discovery, realization, and responsibility...I am not exaggerating when I say that is was the single most moving, awakening, and life-changing experience that I have ever had.
Julia Galbraith
Yoga student and teacher
"...Your teachings have taught me that giving safe and supportive space is one of the greatest gifts humans can give one another... Your experience, love, wisdom and your eagerness and openness to learn are a treasure chest that you share with your students. Thank you for your courage and compassion..."
Andrea Carr
Yoga and Pilates teacher
"Wow - I am so glad I chose this training. This has truly been a life changing experience that I will never forget....Jennifer is an inspired and engaging teacher that maintains a very intimate and genuine experience. She's got a comforting and lighthearted style that is a fantastic blend of empowerment and humility. I was consistently amazed by her ability to weave together both the tradition and science of Yoga....Thank you, Jennifer, for teaching me how to listen to my heart and transform my life."
Nick Oberbeck
Personal Trainer
"This experience was so much more that just a yoga teacher training. It was truly transformational.....I am so much more me. I am so much more free....and this is just the beginning.
Spiridoula Politis
Art Teacher
"I made an excellent choice to participate in the One Yoga Teacher Training in Winter, 2012….I thank Jennifer for many things - for the articulate, creative, engaging style she has of expressing her knowledge, understanding and personal experience of yoga. And for modeling to us students many positive qualities such as integrity, warmth and caring, clarity, inner joy, balance, dedication, clear knowledge, authenticity and love - she is an example of true presence and the very real benefits of a consistent yoga practice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Jan Albright