Jennifer Bonadio

Imagine that there is a meaning to all the fleeting body sensations and snapshots of experience, that the images and moments that get your attention, but you may dismiss, are speaking to you somehow. We are immersed in a ‘field’ of energy that connects everything to everything else. Our bodies are also a field of interconnected energy and information, and not only our physical health but all levels of our experience mind, soul, psyche are all connected. To communicate to our conscious mind, this interconnected field of systems uses whatever it can, physical symptoms, dream images, even other people and creatures. It is like an intuition that is not just inside, but all around you. Synchronicity is based on this interconnectedness of all things, that there is information always available to us in the field for us to use for our understanding, growth and wisdom.

We don’t need to fully understand how this dream field works to engage in it in our own lives. It is always there, even though the attention of our narrative thinking mind may marginalize and ignore it. What if you were to get just a little more curious about the things that ‘flirt’ with your attention outside of your usual habitual routines, the little body symptoms and feeling tones that arise throughout the day, the coincidences that remind you of a dream image, or a moment from the past. What if you were to be open to these different aspects of yourself, to let them in just a little more? To do so is to shift your attention from your head to your body, to feel and notice what might seem unimportant to your thinking mind.

It’s like cultivating a ‘second attention’, an open, felt-sense awareness of your body, your surroundings and what is arising in the moment – It is a listening and receptivity with your body and senses. When you attempt that, what you may notice is how demanding your thinking mind actually is – It is used to getting all the attention and running the show. But it’s natural to you and you can re-member it, it’s something that you inherently know how to do, that you did as a child. (My E-book, Energy Intelligence, has some practices and tips that will serve you in the this. Check it out). The challenge is not to make assumptions about what things mean, or dismiss what you notice. Simply take it in, notice how it feels, notice the associations you make, notice that it puts you in touch with another level of experience. Try it, be curious, you just might discover something interesting and beautiful about yourself 🙂