Jennifer Bonadio

Scientific research about who we are and what makes us tick has created a quiet revolution in our understanding of the power of our Heart. Studies show now what the wisdom traditions have known for ages….the the heart is not only the center of our biology, but the source of our highest intelligence, and the matrix of our spiritual being. More than one half our our heart (!) is comprised of neurons like that in the brain, and broadcasts a field 5000x stronger than the brain.  Imagine becoming an ‘intentional radiant energy field’. Well, that is your design and potential !

Often when the heart is referred to, it is minimized to represent an emotional or sentimental way of knowing; here I am referring to the heart as the instrument of our spiritual perception. The heart radiates and picks up information in a holographic way, interfacing and overlapping with ‘other’ holographic energy fields (aka, other sentient beings). We might say ‘the Heart goes before us’ – incoming information first impacts the heart. From there the info is sent to the brain to be processed and ‘translated’ further. The heart is our primary knowing.It is helpful to realize that our culturally overdeveloped left brain is a binary operating system that creates a either/or sort of separation in the framework of time and space, and this can limit our creativity and synergy with others. The heart and the right brain, on the other hand, perceive the holistic view of our interconnectedness in the timeless present moment. We need both…when we are cut off from the knowing of the heart, we are disconnected from the meaning, magic and sacredness of life. We function best when our thinking mind is in service to the knowing heart.

Our beloved practices of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and other body/mind wisdom arts put us in touch with our heart, our somatic intelligence and our innate wisdom. When the body is relaxed and open, a deeper heart/mind/body confluence comes alive, and offers us a more complete view of life and our place in it. We need this intuitive insight to grow, to thrive and truly connect. Even more motivating is the knowledge that everything we do to become more coherent and compassionate reverberates through the field to all. Awakening our heart is something we do for others as well as for ourselves, and brings our world to life in such a deep and fulfilling way. It is our true empowerment and the key to our wholeness.

“As great as the infinite space beyond is the lotus of the heart. Both heaven and earth, fire and air, sun and moon, lightening and stars are all contained therein. And whether we know it or know it not in this life, everything is contained in that inner space”

~ The Upanishads