Jennifer Bonadio

‘Coherence’ is a term used by scientists who make it their business to measure wellness, and qualify and quantify our optimum function. Defined, it is a highly efficient physiological state in which all of our systems are in harmonious function. It is a high level of of ‘operation’ in which we have the access to the fullness of our intelligence as well….our intuition and ‘gut’ instincts and, potentially, our full cognitive capacities. 

Your emotions are reflected in your heart rhythm patterns. When you’re stressed or  experiencing negative emotions like fear, anger, etc, your heart rhythm patterns express that and become dissonant. This is called an ‘incoherent heart rhythm pattern’ by scientists. You may have noticed that when you’re stressed, you feel agitated, your sleeping may be disturbed, your immune system may be weakened.  The incoherence of the rhythm of your heart also inhibits higher cognitive functions such as memory, problem-solving, attention and compassion. Conversely, when you’re expressing positive emotions like love, care, gratitude, and the like, you’re creating a state of coherence. We are literally smarter, kinder and more creative when our heart rhythms are coherent.

Through meditation and other simple body/mind techniques, you can bring your heart and brain into more coherence. The meditation that I offer combines heart and brain coherence practice, to guide you in tuning into the space inside and outside of yourself and opening up awareness to the unknown, wherein all things are possible. As we tune into this space, and combine it with an elevated emotion such as appreciation and loving kindness, our own creativity and innate intelligence ‘come online’ so to speak. Besides a decrease of stress and tension, after doing this meditation, you may also notice more synchronicity, more of a sense of flow and ease in your being. 

Done regularly, we can ‘train’ our nervous system to default to this practice of coherence, with abundance of benefit for ourselves and those around us.