Jennifer Bonadio

Our wild heart knows that each moment is fresh and new; nature does not repeat herself, it is only our mind and its’ filters that habituate. Each new now-moment is met with our heart’s energetic field, our nervous system of perception that takes everything in. Within a nano-fraction of a second out brain filters and interprets the information based on our experienced and stored ‘data’. This works gloriously well, of course, but if we have experiences and data that create too many perception filters that protect and isolate us from new information, then that conditioned mind becomes a limitation. Alas, there’s the rub. Because we lead with our mental cognition (as we are trained to do), we often find ourselves in a cul-de-sac of fear and separation.

The heart is our spiritual organ of perception, and we can train ourselves to be more in tune with that ‘original’ (meaning source) perception…or, that is,  remember the way we perceived as children. This is not a duality of perception – an either-or reason or emotion choice – but a unitive, undivided physiology of perception of the whole, of connectedness, that includes reason. It includes all our faculties, in fact. It is the fullness of our intelligence brought to bear.

Our heart’s perception is feeling/sense based, which is not to say emotive. Emotions are reactions to events (including thoughts). Our feeling sense is responsive and body-based and is our natural neurobiofeedback system. We can train ourselves to tune into our heart’s perceptions and allow that felt-sense and intuition to inform our choices; to respond rather than react according to our true values and the actual needs of the moment unburdened by past projections.

When we live and choose from our heart, we can live freshly and creatively with courage and mercy, in connection to the rhythms of life. I feel that we are being asked, individually and collectively, to do just that. We need our collective brilliance and heart now to lead us forward into the wilderness of our uncharted evolutionary future. We were made for these times, we were made for each other…as were our wild hearts.

In my work, I share the knowledge and practices that can help you refine, expand and lead with your heart perceptiveness and full-body intelligence. Check out my courses, sessions and mentoring info on this site…or reach out to connect with me personally. I look forward to hearing from you !

Please enjoy this short guided heart meditation!