Jennifer Bonadio

This morning, like most mornings, my practice helped me get to Yes. Yes to life as it is – the yes that opens my heart to my own experience as it is showing up. On the other side of my ideas and ideals, is the compassion of Yes – the willingness to receive this moment, inside and out, whatever is arising.  It all seems to start with that…anything real or tender or empowered starts with yes. The tenderness of truth, the openness of wisdom.

This morning I found my way to my heart. I vowed to stay there in my seat, on my mat until I did. It can happen in a breath, or it might take many breaths to blow away the clouds. It may be a moment, or maybe many, for the fist of no to let go. Not always easy, but always worth it.  That it why I practice, to return to Love, to yes, to compassion for myself, to welcoming whatever the moment is bringing. Though there are lots of great reasons to practice, this is central for me. I practice to awaken and nourish my heart….for me it is the deepest and truest self-care, and the best way to start my day. It is a way to make room for whatever the day might bring.