Jennifer Bonadio

Hopefully, most of us are now ‘sheltering in place’, isolating to protect ourselves and others. It is an exercise in community cooperation, as well…we need to take care of each other in this way. It’s also time to take care of ourselves in a deep way. Uncertainty and anxiety abound; the moment and its ramifications are stressful, to say the least, and we are likely over-stimulated from so much exposure to (real and fake) news feeds.  And here we are, with time on our hands. If ever there were an invitation to meditate, it is now. Our nervous systems need soothing and settling; it’s important for our immune system that we give our body an opportunity to deeply unwind and relax, if only for a short time,  despite what is going on. Included here is a short guided meditation for just that. It’s 13 minutes, but you can make it longer if you have the time for that. I hope it’s helpful!  Be well, Stay safe!