Jennifer Bonadio

Energy Intelligence is what we are using when we walk into a room and get a feeling or vibe or when we notice that what someone is saying doesn’t match what you are feeling. Ei is something natural to us, and we are using it all the time, receiving from and transmitting into the holographic field of which we are a part. We are all energy, and everything is vibrating at a particular frequency – from matter to the progressively more subtle. The amazing thing is that this is all measurable now, it’s the reality of our multi-dimensional world and being. We don’t need to understand it to tune into it and there is nothing to ‘believe’, it’s already a part of you (Gravity doesn’t need us to believe in it, it works even though we don’t quite understand it 😉

In our modern experience, we are typically trained and conditioned to lead with our linear, thinking mind. While it’s an important part of our functioning, it is not our only locus of intelligence. Cultivating your Ei begins with tuning into these other aspects of your intelligence, the somatic aspects of your body, your heart and gut centers. The language of these centers is felt and sensed, rather than thought, and by learning to listen to, trust and integrate these other parts of our intelligence, we build our Energy Smarts.

It starts with the intention to practice presence – being right here in your feeling, sensing body. It sounds simple, but when you try it, you may notice that your immediate default is the time-traveling, story-telling mind. By learning to anchor your attention in your body, you become progressively more present, and you will notice more of your felt and sensed experience. Start now, just taking a breath and drop into your body, feeling and sensing without immediately naming and narrating it. Just that. When you do that, your nervous system begins to reset a bit, and you will be able to tune into and notice your surroundings with more curiosity and interest. The more you do it, the more you can do it 😉

In my Ebook, Energy Intelligence, I share more details about building Ei and lots of practices, too (including links to my guided audios to go with them!). Check it out. I hope you enjoy it!

(The lovely featured art image is by Paula Nicho Cumez)