Jennifer Bonadio

In our practice we work with our willingness to show up on the mat and ‘stretch’ to our edge and we attend to our body’s need for compassion and challenge, kindness and care. There is another aspect of us that also longs for our loving attention….the longings of our heart and  soul, the part of us that is becoming and unfolding. We are made of the stuff that is constantly changing…to stay the same is to stagnate and leads to unwellness, and is in fact not possible. It is natural for us to gaze at the horizon of our inner landscape, to want to grow and expand; I think it is in some way a measure of our health to do so. We do not have a map that helps us navigate the territory and mystery of our hearts and our psyches, but we can engage in the process. We can dream, we can imagine, and we can choose and in this way set the sails of our becoming in this boundless life.


Yoga dreaming is a guided meditation, or waking dream, wherein we explore the felt sense of our own body, and the longings of our heart. It is there that we encounter what matters to us and find clues to what we most want and need. Following the images, the ‘dream’, we can begin to touch and embody the feeling quality of what we want for our self, and it is that creative essence that we work with. Feeling is the language of the creative field; if you can embody the feeling of the experience you long for, or the person you want to be, then you can realize that in your life. It is a formula for creativity and transformation that may take time, but it works in a way that is magical and amazing.


Yoga Dreaming audios will be up here on this site this fall…check back in for new posts, or contact me for a personalized Yoga Dreaming session and audio. Thank you !