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We are living in potent times of crisis and opportunity, and so much is being asked of us. It takes a lot of courage, skill and support to navigate these times with heart and balance. There is a way through…with insight, intention and practice, you can embody and radiate the energy that creates the beautiful world you long for and know is possible. I’m here to guide and support you on that path. 

My work is based on the ancient wisdom traditions and the contemporary sciences of energy and transformation. To learn more, reach out for a personal consultation. I look forward to connecting and sharing this empowering work with you.

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“There is no other way to say it – Jennifer is pure magic. You cannot find a more compassionate, insightful or knowledgeable teacher…” Carrie-Ann Kloda, Enteprenuer and Yoga Instructor

Inspiration and Guidance via Zoom Online

Learn the Power of Practice to Transform Your Life

  • Cultivate the full intelligence of your Body, Mind and Heart
  • Claim and use your power wisely and skillfully 
  • Be more fully present by re-training and healing your nervous system
  • Self-regulate and manage your energy to support health, resilience and ease.

Learn more about the fascinating intersection of Ancient Wisdom traditions and neuroscience how to weave this empowering knowledge into your practice and your life in my courses, sessions and mentoring.

 The New Spiritual Alchemy Program begins in January 2021 !     Details coming soon…

Private Sessions

Empowering, practical and inspiring sessions to support you Body, Mind and Spirit. Zoom online format

Online Courses Open to All

New Open Zoom Classes coming soon! Natural Meditation...and more! And learn more about my Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Courses at the YA site. 

Guided Meditation Audios

New Guided practice on the latest blog! There is a guided meditation here on the home page, as well as guided practices in the last few blogs. Check them out along with the mini-practice audios at the link below. I hope you enjoy !

Grounded Ease

The Grounded Ease Meditation guides you to a gentle place at the eye of the storm. I’ll be featuring a new guided practice regularly…

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Alchemy refers to the process of transforming something into great value – taking the ordinary substance of everyday life and turning it to gold. This word wonderfully describes what the process of personal growth can be – the weaving and refining of all our experience into wisdom and understanding. Alchemy is using the raw clay

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