Jennifer Bonadio

Mentorship and Wisdom Alchemy

Aloha and Welcome!

As your mentor and ally on the path of transformation and self-discovery, I am here for you in your transitions, your challenges, your curiosity…and your next chapter. There are several ways to work with me –  to learn more or schedule a free personal consultation, reach out here.

“There is no other way to say it – Jennifer is pure magic. You cannot find a more compassionate, insightful or knowledgeable mentor”

In our work together...

My Mentoring programs, Wisdom Alchemy Counseling sessions and 1:1 Online Courses are individually curated, each designed just for your unique path, giving you the clarity, spiritual perspective and practical tools you need to expand your YOUniverse and transform your life experiences into embodied wisdom. 

  • Learn to live in the mystery of life with the mastery of intention 
  • Learn the ‘somatics of intuition’ and develop powerful and practical energy intelligence skills 
  • Reset your nervous system to support your body/mind health and resilience 
  • Explore the true meaning of power and live in heartful and soulful alignment with your Natural Wisdom 

“Jennifer is a beautiful soul who led me through a wonderful adventure into my own spirituality. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to deepen their understanding of their own heart”

“Jennifer is a brilliant and open-hearted teacher…I can’t recommend her enough, such a fabulous person to work with. She wise and knowledgeable, and very in-tune….her style is fresh and inspiring. What a joy to learn so much from her and her gifts.”

“Working with Jennifer in the safety and sacredness of a one-on-one mentorship was a life-changing experience. She has been a magical guiding light for me on this part of my journey, and I am honored and grateful to be able to experience her and her gifts”

Energy Intelligence

A Practice Handbook

An experiential approach to cultivating your subtle body awareness and tuning into your natural boundaries and inner wisdom. 12 simple yet powerful practices with guided audio links included! Learn more and purchase at the link below.

Blog ~ Inquiry and Insight

The Art of Pausing

We are so bombarded with ‘stuff’ in our modern world – information, to-do lists, etc, going from one thing to another, from device to device.

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The Dream Field

Imagine that there is a meaning to all the fleeting body sensations and snapshots of experience, that the images and moments that get your attention,

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