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It is a potent and challenging time we are all in together… and a time of great opportunity. We are being called to deepen our understanding and self-care so we are more able to meet this Life with courage, calm and clarity.  With access to your deepest heart’s wisdom and your fullest intelligence you can move forward with Love and creativity. I am here to serve and guide you in that process.

With insight and practice, we can embody and radiate the harmony and unity we long for in our world – we can be the change we want to see and navigate these times together. I look forward to connecting and sharing this empowering work and the tools of practice with you.  

It’s time!

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“There is no other way to say it – Jennifer is pure magic. You cannot find a more compassionate, insightful or knowledgeable teacher…” Carrie-Ann Kloda, Enteprenuer and Yoga Instructor

Inspiration and Guidance Online via Zoom

Learn the Power of Practice to Transform Your Life

  • Cultivate the full intelligence of your Body, Mind and Heart
  • Be more fully present by re-training and healing your nervous system
  • Self-regulate and manage your energy to support health, resilience and ease.

We need our practice more than ever, and now Neuroscience has revolutionized the study of our Body/Mind wellness. Learn more about how you can up-level your self care to weave this empowering knowledge into your practice and your life in my courses, sessions and mentoring.

Private Sessions

Empowering, practical and transformative sessions to support you Body, Mind and Spirit

Online Courses Open to All

New Open Class coming soon! The Power of the Heart and the Unified Field. The Intersection of Science and Evolutionary Wisdom ! Stay tuned for more info. You can also learn more about my Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Courses at the YA site. 

Guided Meditation Audios

New Guided practice on the latest blog! There is a guided meditation here on the home page, as well as guided practices in the last few blogs. Check them out along with the mini-practice audios at the link below. I hope you enjoy !

Grounded Ease

The Grounded Ease Meditation guides you to a gentle place at the eye of the storm. I’ll be featuring a new guided practice regularly…

Latest from the blog

Our Beloved Nervous System

Our nervous system function happens automatically, going back and forth between the two poles of sympathetic activation and parasympathetic relaxation. In a healthy and resilient nervous system, we go between the two as needed, defaulting to the relax and heal parasympathetic system most of the time. That balance can be disturbed when we have experienced

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