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Aloha and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting. As a mentor and guide, I’m devoted to sharing the clarity, spiritual perspective and practical skills that will help you transform your life experiences into embodied wisdom. I bring timeless teachings alive for you and help you apply them in your life and work.

My gift of synthesis weaves together many and varied Wisdom traditions, the arts and sciences of energy and transformation, decades of experience and practice, and deep intuitive insight. If you are ready to have an ally on your unique path, to give you the support and tools you need bring wholehearted and soulful fulfillment into your life and service, check out the offerings below and reach out for a free personal consultation. I look forward to meeting and sharing with you!

Reach out to me here for more info and a free consultation.

“There is no other way to say it – Jennifer is pure magic. You cannot find a more compassionate, insightful or knowledgeable teacher…” Carrie-Ann Kloda, Wedding Coach

In our work together...

You can expect to receive clarity and insight to help you live with more freedom and alignment, and the guidance and support you need to navigate that journey. The Mentoring programs as well as the Wisdom Alchemy sessions and short courses are each designed just for you and your individual path. In all of my offerings, you will…

  • Learn to wield the wand of creative intention with your own unique magic
  • Get the feedback and support your need to empower your clarity and right action
  • Develop powerful and practical somatic energy alchemy skills 
  • Reset and heal your nervous system to support your body/mind health and ease 
  • Learn to manage your energy, hone your intuition, and lead with your Heart

ONLINE COURSES – Spiritual Alchemy, Somatic Meditation, Energy Intelligence, Breath Essentials and more. All are 1:1, Zoom format, and can begin anytime.


    “Jennifer is a beautiful soul who led me through a wonderful adventure into my own spirituality. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to deepen their understanding of their own heart”  Rae Palmer

   “Jennifer is a brilliant and open-hearted teacher…I can’t recommend her enough, such a fabulous person to work with. She wise and knowledgeable, and very in-tune….her style is fresh and inspiring. What a joy to learn so much from her and her gifts.”  Nikole Allen, RYT

“Working with Jennifer in the safety and sacredness of a one-on-one mentorship was a life-changing experience. She has been a magical, guiding light for me on this part of my journey, and I am honored and grateful to be able to experience her and her gifts”  Jenny Fuller, Artist and Entepreneur  



Mentoring and Private Sessions

Mentoring Programs, Wisdom Alchemy Sessions and Meditation/Breathwork Coaching. Empowering and practical inspiration, guidance for Body, Mind and Spirit harmony and thriving. Free Consultation, Zoom online format

Online Courses and Programs

My Popular courses can begin anytime: Spiritual Alchemy, Energy Intelligence, Somatic Meditation, Breath Essentials, and more. I also curate personalized courses of study tailored to your needs and interests. Lots of ongoing Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Courses for members of YA

Guided Meditation Audios

There is a guided meditation here on the home page, as well as guided audio practices woven into many of the blog posts. Check them out along with the mini-practice audios at the link below. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Coming Home

This Free Grounding Meditation guides you to a gentle place of sweet, deep relaxation. Enjoy!

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