Jennifer Bonadio

Pixabay We live in a world rife with the white noise of constant stimulation and overflowing information; the screens of phones and computers are ever beckoning with their flashing lights and dopamine-inducing bells and whistles.  As well, the past and it’s unresolved pain and traumas leave their mark on us, effecting our nervous system in a way that dissociates us from our body and present moment connection. If the capacity of our nervous system to be fully in the present is compromised, we miss the experience of true relaxation, the freedom of clear choice, and nourishing intimacy with ourselves and others.

The tools of Yoga and Meditation are helpful in so many ways, among them the power to heal and soothe our over-stimulated nervous system. There are some simple practices, if done consistently, can begin to calm and re-train our systems. First and most important is developing our attention to our breath. Even a 5 minute practice of a deep belly breath, done a couple times a day or more, can start to balance our nervous system towards more resilience and ease.

You can start right now: Pause, exhale completely and then do full deep belly breathing for a few minutes so your exhale is slightly longer that your inhale. While you do that relax your jaw and soften the muscles around your eyes. (You can do this with eyes closed or open). After a few minutes, as you complete your breath practice, take another moment to notice sounds and colors around you and feel your feet on the ground.  Then go on about your day and come back to that practice again when ever you remember to, or set a timer to remind you a couple of times a day. Sounds simple…but it can really makes a difference !

May that be helpful and supportive for you… Also check out the short guided audio practices on this site, I hope you enjoy them. Check back soon for more practice ideas !