Jennifer Bonadio

This is the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere, yet it seems like the hibernation is just beginning! It’s time to remember that these are the times that we have practiced for. Thank goodness that we have built skills of wisdom and strength and continue to work on a nervous system that is able to be present and calm in these uncertain times. The wise ones say that we were made for these times, made to share from our reservoir of compassion and peace, made to lean into the resilience and big-picture clarity that we have cultivated. It’s time to redouble our commitment to practice…more than ever I realize that all that we do matters, not only for ourselves but for all beings.

My heart is going out to the many that are ill, struggling, and afraid. What we now know about the power of the Heart makes that more meaningful than ever. When we invoke and maintain an elevated emotion of Care, Compassion, Love or Gratitude, we become a virtual beacon of light, bringing that healing and supportive energy to the collective field (of course, the opposite is also true about fear and panic). This positive practice I’m referring to is called Heart Coherence, and when we practice that we can radiate that coherent field out to support Global Coherence. (If the science behind that interests you, I would refer you to who have been doing the fascinating and robust research and education on this subject for nearly 20 years).

Body/Mind practices such as Yoga and Meditation help bring us into the present time and balance our nervous system so we can ‘dial in’ this bandwidth of Love, to nourish our own systems as well as radiate out positive and loving energy. When we are resonant in Heart and Mind, we feel safe and our nervous system is not stuck on ‘survival/stress’ mode, we have access to all of our intelligence, Body/Mind/Heart. Do we ever need that! We need all of our creativity online now.. and Love, indeed, is the soul of our genius.

So, let’s practice BEING LOVE – practicing Heart Coherence to support your immune system, as well as fuel your creative inspiration and service. Take a few settling breaths, then breathe in and out of your heart space, invoke an elevated, positive emotion (perhaps with an image of someone that you Love or simply remembering Gratitude) and maintain that feeling for a few minutes, letting it fill you and all your cells…. And then let it overflow and radiate it out! It’s that simple, and it can only help! Thank you !!

Below there is a short guided meditation for you. There are also shorter heart meditation audios on my website, check them our here:

I’m so grateful for the internet so we can all stay in touch…please do reach out and connect!  Be well, stay safe.