Our Practice

Yoga is a wisdom philosophy realized and understood only through practice. This is one of the profoundly beautiful things about Yoga – it is not only teachings and movements passed down through time, it is brought to life by our direct experience. It is personal and intimate…we breath life into the teachings of Yoga and …

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The Importance of Heart/Mind Coherence

‘Coherence’ is a term used by scientists who make it their business to measure wellness, and qualify and quantify our optimum function. Defined, it is a highly efficient physiological state in which all of our systems are in harmonious function. It is a high level of of ‘operation’ in which we have the access to …

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Cultivating Yin

The winter time, whatever the weather may bring, is the time to slow down. Nature’s way encourages us to ‘stay inside’ more and sink into longer nights to rest and restore. In our culture, this isn’t always the easiest thing to give in to, and our nervous system can get so stuck on ‘go’. Slowing …

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