Our heart is at the center of our function in more ways than one. According to the great wisdom traditions of the West, the heart is most importantly an organ of spiritual perception whose function is to look beyond appearances to a deeper reality of meaning, insight, and clarity, and be our interface of intelligence …

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We so often dwell in our thinking and judgments, hopes, and fears… and indeed we have been trained and conditioned in our culture to default to that. Thinking has a place, of course, but when we lead with that exclusively, we disconnect from our body and felt senses. This puts body and mind ‘at odds’, a …

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ReSourcing (with guided meditation)

Here we are, suspended in the pause, the in-between, while the world around us continues to do its job…Which is to change, and ask us to… Yet, in riding the waves of vulnerability and uncertainty, I turn again and again to what is unchanging. It’s what resilience means to me…as many times as I go …

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